Basic Hunter Ed Course

This course is designed for novice or young hunters, ages 9 years and above. The course covers the core competencies of firearm and hunting safety, hunting ethics and wildlife conservation. All materials are provided and subjects are covered to enable the student to successfully complete the Hunter Education certification process.

The Basic Hunter Education Course lasts a maximum of 6 hours of classroom instruction. This time does not include registration, breaks, test administration and certification card distribution. Courses are offered across the state year round and are taught by certified volunteer instructors. The fee for the certification is $15. Some instructors may apply additional charges for the class, such as range or facility fees.

Pre-registration is required. Check with the instructor for directions and any special instructions prior to going to class.

We are currently transitioning to a new registration system. For the present time, both Basic and Extended Basic Classes are listed in the following schedule. Be sure to verify with the instructor that the class you are registering for is the Basic Course.

Find a Hunter Education Class

You may also contact your local Texas Parks and Wildlife Department office or call TPWD Austin headquarters at 1-800-792-1112, ext. 62.

When you arrive at the course:

  • Pay the $15 fee to the instructor.
  • Attend the entire course.
  • Take the written exam and get at least 75% correct to pass.
  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a temporary card. Your instructor will send in the originals for processing. You may legally hunt with a valid Texas hunting license and your temporary certification card. Your permanent Texas Hunter Education certification card will be mailed out within a short period of time.

More questions? Check our FAQ page.