Hunter Education Online-Only Courses

The ONLINE-ONLY course option is for Texas hunters age 17 and older wanting to gain hunter education certification to legally hunt in Texas. 

  • Upon successful payment and completion, hunters 17 years of age and older are eligible to print a temporary Hunter Education Certificate from the Online Provider.  
  • Online Provider then transfers data to TPWD within 21 days, and  hunters receive an auto-email and LINK  to print a permanent certificate from TPWD.
  • If, for any reason, you do not receive an email after a month has elapsed, go straight to the TPWD's  Am I Certified LINK and enter your name and date of birth.  Temporary certificates are good for two months (min.)

Just select an eligible online-only course from any of the  providers listed below. Fees differ, based on each provider's pricing. Carefully read and understand the terms, prior to completing and paying for the course you select.  If you are under 17, you will not receive temporary certification thru the options below.  Instead, go back to in-person options -  Option 1. CLASSROOM or Option 2. FREE Internet + FIELD, to complete certification.