Target Range Grants

The 2018 Request for Target Range Proposals is currently closed. Applications are being screened and individual applicants will be notified of scoring results in early June.

Below are the available forms for submitting your application:

Target Range Grant Application (Fillable PDF)

News story about new sporting Clays Course
New Sporting Clays Course in South Texas

Target Range Grant Program Guide (PDF)

Project Statement/ Budget Sample (PDF)

No handwritten applications will be considered. Please SCAN and send to the following email:

Target Range Program Purpose: This program supports the need to provide the public safe and accessible shooting facilities that align with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's hunter education activities and programs. Benefits include partnerships within the target range community; recreational opportunities for shooting sports and regional locations for hunters to practice their skills.

Grant Provisions: The program provides opportunities for construction, development and improvement of firearm and archery range facilities. The goal of the program is to teach students to be safe, responsible, conservation-minded hunters; provide instruction in safe firearm operations, instill ethics, and create awareness for game laws.

Eligibility: Non-profit organizations, individuals and groups such as commercial target range operators, shooting clubs and local governmental agencies that: 1) Provide target range access to the general public and 2) Conduct and/or offer hunter education classes are eligible to apply. Preference points are awarded to non-commercial operations. Eligible persons or entities applying for target range funding must sign a term contract (Target Range Agreement - TRA) with the department if approved.

Grant Funding: Awardees take on the costs for development/construction and submit eligible receipts to TPWD for reimbursement. A maximum of 75% of eligible costs incurred on the project are admissible for reimbursement. Specific terms and conditions of the project are identified in the TRA.

Applicants must match at least 25% of the total project cost through documented cash expenditures, donated materials and labor or other pre-approved in-kind activities. Match based on federally funded sources are not eligible. Minimum request: $50,000. Requests are subject to availability of funding.


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