Texas Grand Slam

This is truly the hunting package of a lifetime. The Texas Grand Slam offers one lucky winner four separate Texas big game hunts: desert bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, pronghorn and desert mule deer.

Purchase by October 15, 2023

$9.00 per online entry*

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The lucky winner will:

  • Become one of the few hunters to ever hunt bighorn sheep in Texas. Only 2 or 3 bighorn hunting permits are offered each year on state land
  • Enjoy complimentary food and lodging during each of the four hunting trips
  • Receive taxidermy for each hunt provided by Woodbury Taxidermy
  • Benefit from the expertise of professional guides throughout all hunts
  • Bring along a non-hunting guest

Hunt Providers

Myers Ranch LLC - West Texas

An hour northwest of Comstock, this West Texas ranch has a reputation for high-quality whitetail hunting, having produced many past winners in the Texas Big Game Awards. You’ll hunt on over 10,000 acres of deep canyons, rolling hills and brush flats and rest your weary boots in a comfortable bunkhouse with a full kitchen, bathroom, and shower.

Double H Ranch - West Texas

This 24,000 acre ranch is situated in the high Chihuahuan desert approximately 30 miles east of El Paso. The ranch is home to mule deer, antelope, aoudad, javelina, mountain lion, bobcat, coyotes, scaled & gamble quail and it's fair share of rattlesnakes. Double H Ranch has been providing the Texas Grand Slam mule deer hunt since 2011, with a long history of high-quality mule deer.

This high-quality property even won the 2012 Lone Star Steward Award for the Trans Pecos region.

Elephant Mountain WMA - West Texas

In the Chihuahuan Desert, Elephant Mountain WMA hosts extreme habitats from desert valleys and plateaus to high wooded mountain slopes where the bighorn sheep spend their days.

Biologists will guide hunters across this rugged landscape, from the iconic Elephant Mountain to Calamity Creek, for the ultimate trophy animal.

Our thanks to the Texas Bighorn Society for their continued support of bighorn sheep restoration in Texas.

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, habitat conservation projects are underway that will help native wildlife at Elephant Mountain WMA. Learn more about where the money goes »

Black Gap WMA - West Texas

Along the border of Big Bend National Park, Black Gap WMA is one of the most dramatic hunting locations.

Over an expansive 105,708 acres, Black Gap features drastic elevation changes from the soaring Sierra del Carmen Mountain Range to the lowlands around the Rio Grande. This beautiful landscape is a popular destination for hiking, camping, fishing and wildlife viewing, and one winner will have exclusive access during their fall or winter hunting trip.

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, habitat conservation projects are underway that will help native wildlife and improve hunter access at Black Gap WMA. Learn more about where the money goes »

McBride Hunting

The lucky winner will hunt trophy pronghorn on a large historic ranch in the Texas Panhandle. McBride Hunting has a long history of putting hunters on Boone and Crockett record pronghorns with their expert guides.

Sierra Diablo WMA - West Texas

Sierra Diablo is the original bighorn sheep bastion, located over 11,000 acres of mountain range. The winner will pursue sheep across rugged and steep hills. Out of the field, they will enjoy complimentary lodging and meals.

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, new camp areas are being built for public hunters at Sierra Diablo WMA. Learn more about where the money goes »

*Please note that a $5 online administrative fee is required, but you can purchase unlimited entries or licenses in a single transaction and only pay one fee.


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