Whitetail Bonanza

Five Texas Whitetail Bonanza winners will each get to experience a high-quality white-tailed deer hunt on popular Texas ranches or the Chaparral and Matador Wildlife Management Areas.

Purchase by October 15, 2024

$9.00 per online entry*

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The lucky winners will:

  • Enjoy complimentary food and lodging throughout their three-to five-day trip
  • Bring a hunting companion to share in their trip
  • Have professional guides with expertise on the land and available game
  • Take the hunt during the fall and winter of 2024 - 2025 season

Hunt Providers

BigWoods on the Trinity

This 7,500 acre hunting oasis offers winners a fair chase hunt for high-quality white-tailed deer. Winners will also be provided transportation to and from stands and quartering for their harvest.

Out of the field, visitors can relax at the five star hunting lodge with a theater room, 500 yard rifle range, free Wi-Fi and gourmet food included. The surrounding property is filled with lush marshes, woods and lakes and even won the Leopold Conservation Award in 2015.

Learn more about BigWoods on the Trinity!

Chaparral Wildlife Management Area - South Texas

Chaparral WMA encompasses 15,200 acres of South Texas brush country, where the winner can pursue high-quality trophy deer. The Chaparral lies in the heart of the ‘Golden Triangle’ which is an area recognized for trophy buck potential. During the 2015-2016 season, the largest buck measured 172 3/8" gross.

This rugged South Texas landscape also hosts feral hogs, javelina, bobwhite quail, Texas tortoise and the iconic Texas horned lizard.

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, new ADA accessible ramps are now available at at Chaparral WMA. Learn more about where the money goes »

Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area (WMA) - Post Oak Savannah

Gus Engeling WMA is located in northwest Anderson County and functions as a wildlife research and demonstration area for the Post Oak Savannah Ecoregion. The 11,079-acre area is comprised of 2,000 acres of hardwood bottomland floodplain and almost 500 acres of natural watercourses, 350 acres of wetlands, marshes and swamps and nearly 300 acres of sphagnum moss bogs. The Gus Engeling WMA has a rich variety of wildlife and the observant visitor may see white-tailed deer, wild turkey, gray squirrel, fox squirrel, raccoon, beaver, wood duck, or pileated woodpecker and more.

Learn more about Gus Engeling WMA »

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, a number of wildlife habitat and hunter access projects have been completed at the Gus Engeling WMA over the last few years. New hunters will also benefit starting next season when they are able to use new mentored hunting equipment purchased with BTTH funds. Learn more about where the money goes »

Depending on weather, WMA staff may choose to conduct this hunt on a different WMA within the Middle Trinity River Ecosystem Project to give the hunter the best opportunity for success.

Matador Wildlife Management Area - Texas Panhandle

This expansive 28,000-acre wildlife management area, in the central Rolling Plains, offers an abundance of wildlife for hunters. Winners can harvest a whitetail deer during their winter hunt as well as spot bobwhite quail, roadrunners, coyotes,pronghorn and the iconic Texas horned lizards roaming the property. Learn more about Matador Wildlife Management Area »

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, new habitat conservation projects are underway that will help white-tailed deer, mule deer, wild turkey and northern bobwhite populations at Matador WMA. Learn more about where the money goes »

*Please note that a $5 online administrative fee is required, but you can purchase unlimited entries or licenses in a single transaction and only pay one fee.


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