Ultimate Mule Deer Hunt

Take advantage of this exclusive three-to five-day hunt for a mature mule deer buck in the Texas Panhandle.

Note: Big Time Texas Hunts entries will be available again starting May 15, 2024.

The lucky winner will:

  • Hunt on the Yoakum Dunes WMA
  • Hunt during the rut with expert guides
  • Enjoy lodging and meals provided throughout the trip
  • Be able to bring one hunting guest

Hunt Provider

Yoakum Dunes WMA - Panhandle

During the December rut, the hunters will stalk trophy mule deer bucks over more than 14,000 acres of Panhandle prairie grasslands.

This truly Texan landscape, with miles and miles of wide open spaces, also hosts several other rare native animals, including the lesser prairie chicken, bobwhite quail and pronghorn. Hunters will stay in the on-site cabin and be treated to home-cooked meals throughout the trip.

Thanks to your Big Time Texas Hunts entries, new habitat conservation projects are underway that will help mule deer, pronghorn, lesser prairie chicken, northern bobwhite and scaled quail populations at Yoakum Dunes WMA. Learn more about where the money goes »


Toyota Texas Bighorn Society