The Great Plains (GP) EFIT Water Planning Dashboard

Picture of the GP EFIT Hydrology Dashboard user interface.The GP Water Planning Dashboard will compliment the flow targets of the Hydrology and Flow-Ecology Dashboards building on information developed from the Senate Bill 3 environmental flow process which included environmental flow regime recommendations produced by basin-specific expert science teams (BBEST) as well as environmental flow standards adopted by TCEQ and contained in the State of Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 30, §298. The science team flow recommendations were based solely on best available data with the goal of maintaining a sound ecological environment and were used to assist the Basin and Bay Area Stakeholder Committees (BBASC) in developing environmental flow standard recommendations for consideration by the TCEQ. The flow standards as adopted by TCEQ reflect a balancing of environmental needs with future water development needs and may not reflect environmental flow amounts necessary to maintain or restore aquatic ecosystems. The GP Water Planning Dashboard includes both expert science team recommendations and the adopted flow standards for the Brazos and Colorado river basins within the Great Plains region of Texas.