Information in this section is from the 2003 Golden Alga Workshop and was current at that time. Please see the main Golden Alga page and Current Bloom Status for up-to-date information.

Golden Alga Workshop

Prymnesium parvum
Photo: Greg Southard, TPWD
Mixed Phytoplankton, including golden alga


Historical Review of Golden Alga (Prymnesium parvum) Problems in Texas
Joan Glass

Overview of Texas Hatchery Management of Golden Alga, Prymnesium parvum
Greg Southard

Phylogeny, Life History and Autecology of Prymnesium parvum
Bente Edvardsen and Aud Larsen

Prymnesium parvum: An overview and challenges to our understanding.
Major Questions left after 55 years of problems

Carmelo R. Tomas

Analysis of Prymnesium parvum Blooms in Lake Whitney, Texas
Richard L. Kiesling

Kill Your Enemies and Eat Them: The Role of Prymnesium Toxins
Edna Graneli

Prymnesium parvum Laboratory Studies: Structure, Reproduction, Salinity Tolerance and Bioassay
Paul Kugrens

Rapid Tests for the Detection of Prymnesium parvum and Its Toxins
Linda K. Medlin

Bloom Control Strategies for Harmful Algal Blooms
Donald M. Anderson and Mario R. Sengco

A Review of Fish-Killing Microalgae: Causes, Impacts, and Management with Emphasis on Prymnesium
Jan H. Landsberg

How to Use the Past to Plan for the Future
Karen A. Steidinger