Information in this section is from the 2003 Golden Alga Workshop and was current at that time. Please see the main Golden Alga page and Current Bloom Status for up-to-date information.

Golden Alga Workshop

List of Research Needs for the Study of Prymnesium parvum in Texas

The list below was developed from the Golden Alga Workshop recommendations and was reordered by the TPWD Golden Alga Task Force based on priority criteria and funding feasibility. This list will be used in determining proposals to be funded by TPWD and for seeking additional funding and cooperative studies. Procedures for applying for research funding from TPWD will be listed in the golden alga website portion of the TPWD website .

Research Needing Funding:

Research Presently Funded:

The following initiatives were identified at the workshop and are included in an already-funded State Wildlife Grant to TPWD for golden alga issues. While additional funding may be needed in the future, these actions are already being undertaken.

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