Information in this section is from the 2003 Golden Alga Workshop and was current at that time. Please see the main Golden Alga page and Current Bloom Status for up-to-date information.

Golden Alga Workshop

Subgroup Recommendations:

Subgroups met to consider 5 separate questions and to recommend actions.

What research protocols do you believe would provide the greatest “bang for the buck?” (Include ideas on modeling here.)


Specific Research or Data:


From a research perspective, what work must be done to provide practical solutions to P. parvum challenges?

What are the top 5 tools or research findings that managers need to address the P. parvum problem? (Not funding)



Identify funding strategies, sources, and potential partners for P. parvum research

Identify messages that must be communicated to the public, the government, and the press on the “knowns” of P. parvum