Grant Number, Project Title

E-1 Job 2.5: Conservation of the Upper San Marcos and Comal Ecosystems | PDF

E-1 Job 18: Ocelot (Felis pardalis) and Jaguarundi (Felis yagouaroundi) habitat restoration | PDF

E-1 Job 28: Geologic controls on cave development and the distribution of cave fauna in the Austin, Texas region | PDF

E-1 Job 34: Conservation and Management of the Comal River Ecosystem | PDF

E-1 Job 49: Habitat characterization of the Comal and San Marcos River systems | PDF

E-1 Job 58: Hydrologic investigation in the Toyah Basin near Balmorhea, Texas | PDF

E-1 Job 63: Conservation strategy for the Texas Panhandle short grass prairie | PDF

E-1 Job 79: Initiation of safe harbor habitat conservation planning For endangered felines of South Texas | PDF

E-1 Job 80: Community-based conservation strategies for rural Hill Country residents | PDF

E-1 Job 81: An assessment of potential reintroduction sites for the Attwater's Prairie Chicken | PDF
Additional Data | ZIP

E-1 Job 87: Habitat assessment and restoration plan for Sunken Garden Spring and Eliza Springs Pool, Zilker Park, Austin, Texas, for the conservation of Barton Springs salamander Eurycea sosorum | PDF

E-4: Ivanhoe Tract acquisition | PDF

E-5: Balcones Canyonlands Preserve land acquisition | PDF

E-6: Houston toad habitat acquisition project | PDF

E-8: An incentive program for rare species conservation on private lands in Texas | PDF

E-19: Diminished spring flows in the San Solomon Spring system, Trans-Pecos, Texas | PDF

E-20: Griffith League Ranch habitat conservation plan | PDF

E-21: Conservation of the Little Aguja pondweed and associated rare species in the Davis Mountains of West Texas | PDF

E-26: Houston Toad Habitat Conservation Plan | ZIP

E-29: Houston toad/Lost Pines ecosystem conservation program, Bastrop, Texas | PDF

E-36: Conservation of star cactus and other rare species from the Starr County Ramaderos site | PDF

E-37: Conservation of the Pecos sunflower and associated rare species in the Diamond Y Cienega of West Texas | PDF

E-38: Habitat conservation planning for development of the Edwards Aquifer Authority habitat conservation plan | PDF

E-39: Conservation of the Navasota ladies'-tresses and other rare species within the City of College Station | PDF

E-40: Bone Cave harvestman habitat preserve, Williamson County, Texas | PDF

E-41: Storm Ranch conservation easement | PDF

E-43: Engineering analysis for habitat improvement at Phantom Lake Spring, Jeff Davis County, Texas | PDF

E-45: Enhancement of a three-kilometer segment of the San Marcos River: elimination of the exotic plant Cryptocoryne beckettii | PDF

E-48: Bexar County karst habitat land acquisition | PDF

E-49: Williamson County habitat conservation plan | PDF

E-50: Recovery land acquisition: Peterson Ranch Black-capped Vireo conservation easement | PDF

E-51: Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District habitat conservation plan | PDF

E-51: Supplementary Materials | ZIP

E-53: Habitat enhancement at Phantom Lake Spring: phase II implementation | PDF

E-61: Habitat conservation plan land acquisition: Bone Cave Harvestman Preserve, Williamson County, Texas | PDF

E-74: Ocelot, jaguarundi, Northern Aplomado Falcon and other rare species in the El Jardin/San Perlita conservation area of Willacy County, Texas | PDF

E-75: Hays County regional habitat conservation plan | PDF

E-84: Comal County regional habitat conservation plan | PDF

E-85: Sink Creek recovery land acquisition, San Marcos, Texas | PDF

E-86: Cibolo Canyonlands Golden-cheeked Warbler land acquisition over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone in Comal County, Texas | PDF

E-87: Morton Golden-Cheeked Warbler Preserve, Comal County, Texas | PDF

E-88: Land acquisition of important Whooping Crane wintering habitat seadrift, Calhoun County Texas | PDF

E-90: Design for high quality habitat for the Comanche Springs pupfish (Cyprinodon elegans) | PDF

E-98: Long Ranch conservation easement | PDF

E-99: Recovery land acquisition for Whooping Crane habitat at Falcon Point, Calhoun County, Texas | PDF

E-100: Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District habitat conservation plan completion | PDF

E-111: Edwards Aquifer recovery implementation program habitat conservation plan | PDF
Attachments to Final Report | ZIP

E-119: Habitat conservation for ocelot population in South Texas | PDF

E-120: Southern Edwards Plateau habitat conservation plan - ongoing project | PDF

E-123: Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo nesting habitat in Bandera County, Texas | PDF

E-124: Balcones Canyonlands Preserve lands: Spezia Tract | PDF

E-125: Whooping Crane wintering habitat near Holiday Beach, Calhoun County, Texas | PDF

E-142: Developing a general conservation plan for the Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo in Central Texas | PDF

E-142: Supplementary Materials | ZIP

E-143: Cobb Cavern habitat conservation plan lands acquisition | PDF

E-144: Lesser Prairie Chicken habitat acquisition in the Yoakum Dunes region of Texas | PDF

E-152: Barker Tract B-1 recovery land acquisition | PDF

E-153: La Cantera habitat conservation plan land acquisition | PDF

E-154: Solana Ranch Recovery Land Acquisition | PDF

E-171: Fries Ranch Recovery Land Acquisition | PDF