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1. Instructor-Led Courses for hunters UNDER AGE 17 (plus parents and/or others seeking instructor-led courses)

  • Classroom Course

    - 6 hours of basic instruction. Some courses may extend to cover added topics.
  • Online + Field Course

    - FREE online course plus 4hr. (minimum) "field day" including live-fire and "hunter skills" trail. Find and register for your field course before completing your online course

2. Online-Only  Course for hunters AGES 17 OR OLDER 

Who needs Hunter Education?

Hunting 101 Courses

3. One-time, one-year Hunter Education Deferral 

(cost: $10) - Allows hunters ages 17 or older to defer completion of their mandatory hunter education for up to one year, as long as the person is accompanied by a hunter who has completed hunter education or is exempt (born prior to 9-2-71). Deferrals may only be obtained only once and are valid until the end of the license year purchased. Hunters who have been convicted of or received deferred adjudication for violating the mandatory hunter education requirement may not apply for a deferral. Deferrals can be purchased from any vendor where hunting licenses are sold.

Information for other states:

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