Hunter Education

Before you begin:

Hunter Ed Course Options (3):

The following three (3) options are based on age. Choose the one  that works best for you, a family member or friend inquiring about the course. Minimum age for certification is 9 years. (See FAQs.)

OPTION 1.   Under Age 17 (In person)


  • No preparation required; $15 paid directly to instructor at in-person classroom course. (See instructions online for payment preference.)
  • Description: 6 hours of basic instruction in firearm and hunting safety, legal and ethical hunting practices, nomenclature and a final exam. Class hours may be extended to cover added topics.
  • Added fees for range use may be required.

OPTION 2.   Under Age 17 (In person)


  • REGISTER for a FIELD COURSE, first!
  • Prepare for Field Course by completing one of two *FREE* ONLINE COURSES; $15 paid directly to instructor at in-person field course. (See instructions online for payment preference.) 
  • NOTE: Do NOT go to 'pay-for' online courses accessed thru search engines.
  • Description: 4 hours (min.) of field instruction including ethics discussion, simulated or live-fire activities, "hunter skills" trail and final exam.
  • Added fees for range use may be required.
  • See Online + Field Course for additional instructions.

OPTION 3.   Age 17 or Over (17+ ONLY)


  • Go to: Hunter Education Online-Only Courses and register with any of the approved Online Providers.
  • Fees (vary) paid to Provider (online payment).
  • Description: Online-only courses cover the knowledge it takes to be a safe, responsible hunter.
  • Temporary 90-day certification is available from Online Provider. Provider uploads data within 21 days and an email link is sent from Texas Parks and Wildlife once permanent certification is available.
  • En español: curso en línea

"Hunter Education Deferral."  (17 + ONLY)

Cost: $10. Available wherever hunting licenses are sold. Allows hunters age 17 or older to defer completion of hunter education for up to a year, as long as the person is accompanied* by a hunter who has: 1) completed hunter education, or 2) is exempt from the requirement (born before September 2, 1971). A Deferral may only be obtained once and is only valid until the end of the license year purchased. A hunter who has been convicted of or received deferred adjudication for violating the mandatory hunter education requirement may not apply for a deferral.

* Accompanied means within normal voice control 

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