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Choose a Hunter Ed Course option:

OPTION 1 -  Instructor-Led Courses for those UNDER 17 YEARS OF AGE (plus parents and/or anyone seeking instructor-led courses)

  • Classroom Course

    - 6 hours of basic instruction. Some courses may be extended in length to cover added topics.


  • Online + Field Course

    - Completion of FREE online course plus 4-hour-min. "field day" including live-fire and other skill-based activities. NOTE: Register for a field course near you before completing your online course

OPTION 2 -  Online-Only  Course for those 17 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER 

Who needs Hunter Education?

Hunting/Shooting Sports 101 Courses

Additional Option: One-time, one year Hunter Education Deferral Extension

Hunter Education Deferral (cost: $10) - Allows a person 17 years of age or older who has not completed a hunter education course to defer completion for up to one year, as long as the person is accompanied by a hunter who has completed hunter education or is exempt (born prior to 9-2-71). A deferral may only be obtained once and is valid only until the end of the current license year. A person who has been convicted or received deferred adjudication for violation of the mandatory hunter education requirement is prohibited from applying for a deferral. The Deferral is available from any hunting license vendor.

Information for other states:

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