Bowhunter Education


Bowhunter Education is a specific training course for archery/bow users (and, in some cases, crossbow users) as certification is required in some other states in addition to their hunter education requirements.  

Bowhunter Education Requirements by State

Already certified in Texas? Look for your bowhunter education certification HERE! 

Bowhunter Ed Course Options (3):

The following three (3) options are based on age. Choose the one  that works best for you, a family member or friend inquiring about the course. Minimum age for certification is 9 years. 

OPTION 1.   Under Age 17 (In person)

  • CLASSROOM Course - 6 hours of basic instruction. No preparation required; $15 paid to bow hunter education instructor.  (See instructions online for payment preference.) Some courses may be extended in length to cover field activities.

OPTION 2.   Under Age 17 (In person)

OPTION 3.   Age 17 or Over (17+ ONLY)

  • ONLINE ONLY - Go directly to the pay-for NBEF-Approved Online Bowhunter Ed Course.
  • Temporary certification is available from Internet Provider to those 17 years of age or older (based on birth date on day of completion).  If under 17, the person receives a FIELD voucher (See Option 2).
  • An email link from Texas Parks and Wildlife is automatically sent when permanent certificate is available to print -- with a permanent certification #.


Bowhunter education certification DOES NOT substitute for Texas Hunter Education Certification

Treestand Safety

The number one cause of hunting incidents in North America is falls from tree stands. To avoid falls learn more about tree stand safety!


Arrow Performance and Penetration

Based on years of research, Dr. Ed Ashby and the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation, Houston, TX, published the 12 Factors Affecting Arrow Lethality -- with the goal of improving shot performance and game recovery (objectives 3 and 4 above).

Become a Bowhunter Education Instructor

To become a Bowhunter Education Instructor, you must Become an Instructor by:

1. Attending both a bowhunter education and hunter education STUDENT courses, and

2. taking a TPWD Bowhunter Education Instructor Course completed with or separately from a Hunter Education Instructor Course

Added Bowhunter Education Resources

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