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The Vegetation Types of Texas


Photo of Ceniza Blackbrush; links to large photo.

(10) Ceniza-Blackbrush-Creosotebush Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Guajillo, lotebush, mesquite, guayacan, Texas pricklypear, paloverde, goatbush, yucca, sotol, desert yaupon, catclaw, kidneywood, allthorn, curly mesquite, Texas grama, hairy tridens, slim tridens, pink pappusgrass, two-leaved senna.
Distribution: Slopes of the Rio Grande River Basin, from near Langtry in Val Verde County to near San Ygnacio in Zapata County.

Photo of Mesquite Brush; links to large photo.

(11b) Mesquite Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Narrow-leaf yucca, grassland pricklypear, juniper, red grama, Texas grama, sideoats grama, hairy grama, purple three-awn, Roemer three-awn, buffalograss, red lovegrass, gummy lovegrass, sand dropseed, tobosa, western ragweed, James rushpea, scurfpea, wild buckwheat.
Distribution: Principally in the Rolling Plains.

Photo of Mesquite-Lotebush Brush; links to large photo.

(12b) Mesquite-Lotebush Brush
(12a) Mesquite-Lotebush Shrub

Commonly Associated Plants (Rolling Plains): Yucca, skunkbush sumac, agarito, elbowbush, juniper, tasajillo, cane bluestem, silver bluestem, little bluestem, sand dropseed, Texas grama, sideoats grama, hairy grama, red grama, tobosa, buffalograss, Texas wintergrass, purple three-awn, Roemer three-awn, Engelmann daisy, broom snakeweed, bitterweed.
Distribution: Northeastern Trans-Pecos, northwestern Edwards Plateau, Rolling Plains and western Cross Timbers and Prairies.

Photo of Mesquite Juniper Brush/Mesquite-Juniper-Live Oak Brush; links to large photo.

(13b) Mesquite-Juniper Brush
(13c) Mesquite-Juniper-Live Oak Brush

(13a) Mesquite-Juniper Shrub

Commonly Associated Plants (Edwards Plateau): Lotebush, shin oak, sumac, Texas pricklypear, tasajillo, kidneywood, agarito, redbud, yucca, Lindheimer silktassel, sotol, catclaw, Mexican persimmon, sideoats grama, three-awn, Texas grama, hairy grama, curly mesquite, buffalograss, hairy tridens.
Distribution: Chiefly on mesas and hillsides of the western Edwards Plateau.

Photo of Mesquite-Blackbrush Brush; links to large photo.

(15) Mesquite-Blackbrush Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Lotebush, ceniza, guajillo, desert olive, allthorn, whitebrush, bluewood, granjeno, guayacan, leatherstem, Texas pricklypear, tasajillo, kidneywood, yucca, desert yaupon, goatbush, purple three-awn, pink pappusgrass, hairy tridens, slim tridens, hairy grama, mat euphorbia, coldenia, dogweed, knotweed leafflower, two-leaved senna.
Distribution: Principally on shallow, gravelly or loamy soils in the South Texas Plains.

Photo of Mesquite-Saltcedar Brush/Woods; links to large photo.

(18) Mesquite-Saltcedar Brush / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants (Trans-Pecos): Creosotebush, cottonwood, desert willow, giant reed, seepwillow, common buttonbush, burrobrush, whitethorn acacia, Australian saltbush, fourwing saltbush, lotebush, wolfberry, tasajillo, guayacan, alkali sacaton, Johnsongrass, saltgrass, cattail, bushy bluestem, chino grama, Mexican devil-weed.
Distribution: Ephemeral drainages in the southern High Plains, Rolling Plains and portions of the Pecos and Rio Grande River drainages in the Trans-Pecos.

Photo of Mesquite-Hackberry Brush/Woods; links to large photo.

(19) Mesquite-Hackberry Brush / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Walnut, live oak, juniper, lotebush, catclaw, woollybucket bumelia, tasajillo, agarito, whitebrush, switchgrass, vine-mesquite, silver bluestem, Johnsongrass, Lindheimer muhly, western ragweed, silverleaf nightshade.
Distribution: Canyon bottoms, creeks and drainageways in the Rolling Plains and western Edwards Plateau.

Photo of Havard Shin Oak-Mesquite Brush; links to large photo.

(21) Havard Shin Oak-Mesquite Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Sandsage, catclaw, yucca, giant dropseed, sand dropseed, Indiangrass, silver bluestem, sand bluestem, little bluestem, feather plume, Illinois bundleflower, fox glove, yellow evening primrose.
Distribution: Occurs primarily on sandy soils in the western Rolling Plains and southwestern High Plains.

Photo of Sandsage-Mesquite Brush; links to large photo.

(22) Sandsage-Mesquite Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Skunkbush sumac, Chickasaw plum, catclaw, little bluestem, sand bluestem, silver bluestem, sand dropseed, red three-awn, slickseed bean, sensitive briar, wild blue indigo, sandlily, spearleaf ground cherry, wild buckwheat, spinytooth gumweed, common sunflower, spectacle pod, hierba del pollo.
Distribution: Principally on sandy uplands, Donley and Collingsworth Counties, Rolling Plains.

Photo of Havard Shin Oak Brush; links to large photo.

(28) Havard Shin Oak Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Catclaw, bush morningglory, southwest rabbitbrush, sandsage, mesquite, hooded windmillgrass, sand bluestem, big sandreed, false buffalograss, spike dropseed, giant dropseed, mesa dropseed, narrowleaf sandverbena, sweet sandverbena, bull nettle, sand dune spurge, prairie spurge, firewheel, plains sunflower.
Distribution: Chiefly on sandy soil in Andrews, Crane, Ward and Winkler Counties.

Photo of Sandsage-Havard Shin Oak Brush; links to large photo.

(32) Sandsage-Havard Shin Oak Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Skunkbush sumac, Chickawaw plum, Indiangrass, switchgrass, sand blue bluestem, sand lovegrass, big sandreed, sideoats grama, hairy grama, sand dropseed, sand paspalum, scurfpea, scarletpea, slickseed bean, wild blue indigo, wild buckwheat, bush morningglory.
Distribution: Sandy soils of the northwestern High Plains and (Panhandle) Rolling Plains.

Photo of Juniper-Mixed Brush; links to large photo.

(34) Juniper-Mixed Brush

Commonly Associated Plants: Red-berry juniper, one-seeded juniper, tasajillo, catclaw, skunkbush sumac, lotebush, mesquite, Harvard shin oak, mountain mahogany, yucca, red grama, sideoats grama, Texas grama, hairy grama, red lovegrass, gummy lovegrass, tumblegrass, buffalograss, curly mesquite, tobosa, western ragweed, bitterweed, wild buckwheat, James rushpea.
Distribution: Occurs on the Cap Rock Escarpment of the High Plains.

Photo of Cottonwood-Hackberry-Saltcedar Brush/Woods; links to large photo.

(37) Cottonwood-Hackberry-Saltcedar Brush / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Lindheimer's black willow, buttonbush, groundsel-tree, rough-leaf dogwood, Panhandle grape, heartleaf ampelopsis, false climbing buckwheat, cattail, switchgrass, prairie cordgrass, salt grass, alkali sacaton, spikesedge, horsetail, bulrush, coarse sumpweed, Maximilian sunflower.
Distribution: Principal drainages within the Canadian and Red River Basins.

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