The Vegetation Types of Texas


Photo of Mesquite-Granjeno Parks; links to large photo.

(16) Mesquite-Granjeno Parks

Commonly Associated Plants: Bluewood, lotebush, coyotillo, guayacan, Texas colubrina, tasajillo, Texas pricklypear, Pan American balsamscale, single-spike paspalum, hooded windmillgrass, tanglehead, Roemer three-awn, purple three-awn, tumble lovegrass, Lindheimer tephrosia, bullnettle, croton, slender evolvulus, Texas lantana, silverleaf nightshade, firewheel.
Distribution: Principally on sandy or loamy upland soils in the South Texas Plains.

Photo of Mesquite-Live Oak-Bluewood Parks; links to large photo.

(20) Mesquite-Live Oak-Bluewood Parks

Commonly Associated Plants: Huisache, huisachillo, whitebrush, granjeno, lotebush, Berlandier wolfberry, blackbrush, desert yaupon, Texas pricklypear, woollybucket bumelia, tasajillo, agarito, Mexican persimmon, purple three-awn, Roemer three-awn, pink pappusgrass, Halls panicum, slimlobe poppymallow, sensitive briar, two-leaved senna, mat euphorbia.
Distribution: Primarily in Uvalde, Medina and Bee Counties, South Texas Plains.

Photo of Oak-Mesquite-Juniper Parks/Woods; links to large photo.

(23) Oak-Mesquite-Juniper Parks / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Post oak, Ashe juniper, shin oak, Texas oak, blackjack oak, live oak, cedar elm, agarito, soapberry, sumac, hackberry, Texas pricklypear, Mexican persimmon, purple three-awn, hairy grama, Texas grama, sideoats grama, curly mesquite, Texas wintergrass.
Distribution: This type occurs as associations or as a mixture of individual (woody) species stands on uplands in the Cross Timbers and Prairies.

Photo of Live Oak-Mesquite Parks; links to large photo.

(24) Live Oak-Mesquite Parks

Commonly Associated Plants: Post oak, blackjack oak, cedar elm, black hickory, whitebrush, agarito, Mexican persimmon, woollybucket bumelia, elbowbush, buffalograss, curly mesquite, Texas grama, sideoats grama, hairy grama, little bluestem, Texas wintergrass, purple three-awn, Indian mallow, Texas bluebonnet, firewheel.
Distribution: Primarily on granitic soils of the Edwards Plateau (Central Mineral Region).

Photo of Live Oak Woods / Parks; links to large photo.

(25) Live Oak Woods / Parks

Commonly Associated Plants: Texas pricklypear, lime pricklyash, greenbriar, bushsunflower, tanglehead, crikleawn, single-spike paspalum, fringed signalgrass, Lindheimer tephrosia, croton, silverleaf nightshade, bull nettle, Texas lantana, dayflower, silverleaf sunflower, shrubby oxalis.
Distribution: Principally on sandy soils in Kenedy and Brooks Counties, South Texas Plains.

Photo of Live Oak-Ashe Juniper Parks/Live Oak-Mesquite-Ashe Juniper Parks; links to large photo.

(26a) Live Oak-Ashe Juniper Parks
(26b) Live Oak-Mesquite-Ashe Juniper Parks

Commonly Associated Plants (Edwards Plateau): Texas oak, shin oak, cedar elm, netleaf hackberry, flameleaf sumac, agarito, Mexican persimmon, Texas pricklypear, kidneywood, saw greenbriar, Texas wintergrass, little bluestem, curly mesquite, Texas grama, Halls panicum, purple three-awn, hairy tridens, cedar sedge, two-leaved senna, mat euphorbia, rabbit tobacco.
Distribution: Chiefly on level to gently rolling uplands and ridge tops, Edwards Plateau.

Photo of Gray Oak-Pinyon Pine-Alligator Juniper Parks/Woods; links to large photo.

(29) Gray Oak-Pinyon Pine-Alligator Juniper Parks / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Emory oak, silverleaf oak, Gambel's oak, mountain mahogany, evergreen sumac, mountain snow-berry, Texas madrone, southwestern chokecherry, bullgrass, Pringle needlegrass, finestem needlegrass, pine dropseed, sideoats grama, blue grama, pine muhly, pinyon ricegrass, largeleaf oxalis, heartleaf groundcherry, Torrey anthericum.
Distribution: From about 5,500 to 7,500 feet elevation in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos; principally the Davis Mountains.

Photo of Post Oak Parks/Woods, Forest and Grassland Mosaic; links to large photo.

(30a) Post Oak Parks / Woods
(30b) Post Oak Woods, Forest and Grassland Mosaic
(30c) Post Oak Woods / Forest

Commonly Associated Plants (Post Oak Savannah): Blackjack oak, eastern redcedar, mesquite, black hickory, live oak, sandjack oak, cedar elm, hackberry, yaupon, poison oak, American beautyberry, hawthorn, supplejack, trumpet creeper, dewberry, coral-berry, little bluestem, silver bluestem, sand lovegrass, beaked panicum, three-awn, spranglegrass, tickclover.
Distribution: Most apparent on the sandy soils of the Post Oak Savannah.

Photo of Ashe Juniper Parks / Woods; links to large photo.

(33) Ashe Juniper Parks / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Live oak, Texas oak, cedar elm, mesquite, agarito, tasajillo, western ragweed, scurfpea, little bluestem, sideoats grama, Texas wintergrass, silver bluestem, hairy tridens, tumblegrass, red three-awn.
Distribution: Principally on the slopes of hills in Stephens and Palo Pinto Counties, Cross Timbers and Prairies.

Photo of Elm-Hackberry Parks / Woods; links to large photo.

(35) Elm-Hackberry Parks / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Mesquite, post oak, woollybucket bumelia, honey locust, coral-berry, pasture haw, elbowbush, Texas pricklypear, tasajillo, dewberry, silver bluestem, buffalograss, western ragweed, giant ragweed, goldenrod, frostweed, ironweed, prairie parsley, broom snakeweed.
Distribution: Occurs within the Blackland Prairie, primarily in Ellis, Navarro and Limestone Counties.

Photo of Ponderosa Pine-Douglas Fir Parks / Forest; links to large photo.

(40) Ponderosa Pine-Douglas Fir Parks / Forest

Commonly Associated Plants: Southwestern white pine, bigtooth maple, alligator juniper, Gambel's oak, chinkapin oak, Emory oak, Texas madrone, Apache plum, mountain mahogany, Wright's silktassel, mountain snow-berry, southwestern chokecherry, Pringle needlegrass, finestem needlegrass, pinyon ricegrass, cliff muhly, pine dropseed, largeleaf oxalis, rock betony, trumpet currant.
Distribution: Elevation above 6,000 feet in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos; principally in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.