The Vegetation Types of Texas


Photo of Mesquite-Granjeno Woods; links to large photo.

(17) Mesquite-Granjeno Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Whitebrush, virgin's bower, desert olive, retama, Texas pricklypear, bluewood, lotebush, desert yaupon, tasajillo, guayacan, woollybucket bumelia, Berlandier wolfberry, catclaw, Halls panicum, pink pappusgrass, purple three-awn, woodsorrel, field ragweed.
Distribution: Chiefly in Kleberg and Jim Wells Counties, South Texas Plains.

Photo of Mesquite-Saltcedar Brush / Woods; links to large photo.

(18) Mesquite-Saltcedar Brush / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants (Trans-Pecos): Creosotebush, cottonwood, desert willow, giant reed, seepwillow, common buttonbush, burrobrush, whitethorn acacia, Australian saltbush, fourwing saltbush, lotebush, wolfberry, tasajillo, guayacan, alkali sacaton, Johnsongrass, saltgrass, cattail, bushy bluestem, chino grama, Mexican devil-weed.
Distribution: Ephemeral drainages in the southern High Plains, Rolling Plains and portions of the Pecos and Rio Grande River drainages in the Trans-Pecos.

Photo of Mesquite-Hackberry Brush / Woods; links to large photo.

(19) Mesquite-Hackberry Brush / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Walnut, live oak, juniper, lotebush, catclaw, woollybucket bumelia, tasajillo, agarito, whitebrush, switchgrass, vine-mesquite, silver bluestem, Johnsongrass, Lindheimer muhly, western ragweed, silverleaf nightshade.
Distribution: Canyon bottoms, creeks and drainageways in the Rolling Plains and western Edwards Plateau.

Photo of Oak-Mesquite-Juniper Parks / Woods; links to large photo.

(23) Oak-Mesquite-Juniper Parks / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Post oak, Ashe juniper, shin oak, Texas oak, blackjack oak, live oak, cedar elm, agarito, soapberry, sumac, hackberry, Texas pricklypear, Mexican persimmon, purple three-awn, hairy grama, Texas grama, sideoats grama, curly mesquite, Texas wintergrass.
Distribution: This type occurs as associations or as a mixture of individual (woody) species stands on uplands in the Cross Timbers and Prairies.

Photo of Live Oak Woods / Parks; links to large photo.

(25) Live Oak Woods / Parks

Commonly Associated Plants: Texas pricklypear, lime pricklyash, greenbriar, bushsunflower, tanglehead, crikleawn, single-spike paspalum, fringed signalgrass, Lindheimer tephrosia, croton, silverleaf nightshade, bull nettle, Texas lantana, dayflower, silverleaf sunflower, shrubby oxalis.
Distribution: Principally on sandy soils in Kenedy and Brooks Counties, South Texas Plains.

Photo of Live Oak-Ashe Juniper Woods; links to large photo.

(27) Live Oak-Ashe Juniper Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Texas oak, shin oak, cedar elm, evergreen sumac, escaprpment cherry, saw greenbriar, mescal bean, poison oak, twistleaf yucca, elbowbush, cedar sedge, little bluestem, Neally grama, Texas grama, meadow dropseed, Texas wintergrass, curly mesquite, pellitory, noseburn, spreading sida, woodsorrel, mat euphorbia.
Distribution: Chiefly on shallow limestone soils on the hills and escarpment of the Edwards Plateau.

Photo of Gray Oak-Pinyon Pine-Alligator Juniper Parks/Woods; links to large photo.

(29) Gray Oak-Pinyon Pine-Alligator Juniper Woods / Parks

Commonly Associated Plants: Emory oak, silverleaf oak, Gambel's oak, mountain mahogany, evergreen sumac, mountain snow-berry, Texas madrone, southwestern chokecherry, bullgrass, Pringle needlegrass, finestem needlegrass, pine dropseed, sideoats grama, blue grama, pine muhly, pinyon ricegrass, largeleaf oxalis, heartleaf groundcherry, Torrey anthericum.
Distribution: From about 5,500 to 7,500 feet elevation in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos; principally the Davis Mountains.

Photo of Post Oak Parks/Woods, Forest and Grassland Mosaic; links to large photo.

(30a) Post Oak Parks / Woods
(30b) Post Oak Woods, Forest and Grassland Mosaic
(30c) Post Oak Woods / Forest

Commonly Associated Plants (Post Oak Savannah): Blackjack oak, eastern redcedar, mesquite, black hickory, live oak, sandjack oak, cedar elm, hackberry, yaupon, poison oak, American beautyberry, hawthorn, supplejack, trumpet creeper, dewberry, coral-berry, little bluestem, silver bluestem, sand lovegrass, beaked panicum, three-awn, spranglegrass, tickclover.
Distribution: Most apparent on the sandy soils of the Post Oak Savannah.

Photo of Ashe Juniper Parks / Woods; links to large photo.

(33) Ashe Juniper Parks / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Live oak, Texas oak, cedar elm, mesquite, agarito, tasajillo, western ragweed, scurfpea, little bluestem, sideoats grama, Texas wintergrass, silver bluestem, hairy tridens, tumblegrass, red three-awn.
Distribution: Principally on the slopes of hills in Stephens and Palo Pinto Counties, Cross Timbers and Prairies.

Photo of Elm-Hackberry Parks / Woods; links to large photo.

(35) Elm-Hackberry Parks /Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Mesquite, post oak, woollybucket bumelia, honey locust, coral-berry, pasture haw, elbowbush, Texas pricklypear, tasajillo, dewberry, silver bluestem, buffalograss, western ragweed, giant ragweed, goldenrod, frostweed, ironweed, prairie parsley, broom snakeweed.
Distribution: Occurs within the Blackland Prairie, primarily in Ellis, Navarro and Limestone Counties.

Photo of Cottonwood-Hackberry-Saltcedar Brush / Woods; links to large photo.

(37) Cottonwood-Hackberry-Saltcedar Brush / Woods

Commonly Associated Plants: Lindheimer's black willow, buttonbush, groundsel-tree, rough-leaf dogwood, Panhandle grape, heartleaf ampelopsis, false climbing buckwheat, cattail, switchgrass, prairie cordgrass, salt grass, alkali sacaton, spikesedge, horsetail, bulrush, coarse sumpweed, Maximilian sunflower.
Distribution: Principal drainages within the Canadian and Red River Basins.

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