The Vegetation Types of Texas


Photo of Post Oak Parks / Woods / Forest; links to large photo.

(30a) Post Oak Parks / Woods
(30b) Post Oak Woods, Forest and Grassland Mosaic
(30c) Post Oak Woods / Forest

Commonly Associated Plants (Post Oak Savannah): Blackjack oak, eastern redcedar, mesquite, black hickory, live oak, sandjack oak, cedar elm, hackberry, yaupon, poison oak, American beautyberry, hawthorn, supplejack, trumpet creeper, dewberry, coral-berry, little bluestem, silver bluestem, sand lovegrass, beaked panicum, three-awn, spranglegrass, tickclover.
Distribution: Most apparent on the sandy soils of the Post Oak Savannah.

Photo of Willow Oak-Water Oak-Blackgum Forest; links to large photo.

(31) Willow Oak-Water Oak-Blackgum Forest

Commonly Associated Plants: Beech, overcup oak, chestnut oak, cherrybark oak, elm, sweetgum, sycamore, southern magnolia, white oak, black willow, bald cypress, swamp laurel oak, hawthorn, bush palmetto, common elderberry, southern arrowwood, poison oak, supplejack, trumpet creeper, crossvine, greenbriar, blackberry, rhomboid copperleaf, St. Andrew's Cross.
Distribution: Principally in the lower flood plains of the Sulphur, Neches, Angelina, Trinity and Sabine Rivers in the Pineywoods.

Photo of Water Oak-Elm-Hackberry Forest; links to large photo.

(36) Water Oak-Elm-Hackberry Forest

Commonly Associated Plants: Cedar elm, American elm, willow oak, southern red oak, white oak, black willow, cottonwood, red ash, sycamore, pecan, bois d'arc, flowering dogwood, dewberry, coral-berry, dallisgrass, switchgrass, rescuegrass, bermudagrass, eastern gamagrass, Virginia wildrye, Johnsongrass, giant ragweed, yankeeweed, Leavenworth eryngo.
Distribution: Occurs in the upper flood plains of the Sabine, Neches, Sulphur and Trinity Rivers and tributaries.

Photo of Pecan-Elm Forest; links to large photo.

(38) Pecan-Elm Forest

Commonly Associated Plants: American elm, cedar elm, cottonwood, sycamore, black willow, live oak, Carolina ash, bald cypress, water oak, hackberry, virgin's bower, yaupon, greenbriar, mustang grape, poison oak, Johnsongrass, Virginia wildrye, Canada wildrye, rescuegrass, frostweed, western ragweed.
Distribution: Bottomlands in the Brazos, Colorado, Guadalupe, San Antonio, and Frio River basins and Gulf Coast Prairie reaches of the San Bernard, Navidad and Lavaca Rivers.

Photo of Ponderosa Pine-Douglas Fir Parks / Forest; links to large photo.

(40) Ponderosa Pine-Douglas Fir Parks / Forest

Commonly Associated Plants: Southwestern white pine, bigtooth maple, alligator juniper, Gambel's oak, chinkapin oak, Emory oak, Texas madrone, Apache plum, mountain mahogany, Wright's silktassel, mountain snow-berry, southwestern chokecherry, Pringle needlegrass, finestem needlegrass, pinyon ricegrass, cliff muhly, pine dropseed, largeleaf oxalis, rock betony, trumpet currant.
Distribution: Elevation above 6,000 feet in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos; principally in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Photo of Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 1; links to large photo.

(42) Pine-Hardwood Forest

Subtype 1: Loblolly Pine-Sweetgum

Commonly Associated Plants: Shortleaf pine, water oak, white oak, southern red oak, winged elm, beech, blackgum, magnolia, American beautyberry, American hornbeam, flowering dogwood, yaupon, hawthorn, supplejack, Virginia creeper, wax myrtle, red bay, sassafras, southern arrowwood, poison oak, greenbriar, blackberry.
Distribution: Occurs throughout the Pineywoods.

Photo of Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 2; links to large photo.

(42) Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 2

Subtype 2: Shortleaf Pine-Post Oak-Southern Red Oak

Commonly Associated Plants: Loblolly Pine, black hickory, sandjack oak, flowering dogwood, common persimmon, sweetgum, sassafras, greenbriar, yaupon, wax myrtle, American beautyberry, hawthorn, supplejack, winged elm, beaked panicum, spranglegrass, Indiangrass, switchgrass, three-awn, bushclover, tickclover.
Distribution: Northeast Texas counties of Bowie, Red River, Lamar, Cass, Camp, Titus, Frankilin, Marion, Harrison, Upshur, Gregg, Smith, Wood, and Morris. Extends into southeastern Pineywoods along deep sand ridges.

Photo of Photo of Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 3; links to large photo.

(42) Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 3

Subtype 3: Loblolly Pine-Post Oak

Commonly Associated Plants: Black hickory, blackjack oak, eastern redcedar, cedar elm, hackberry, greenbriar, yaupon, elbowbush, purpletop, sand lovegrass, broomsedge bluestem, little bluestem, brownseed paspalum, bushclover, tickclover, gay feather, yellow neptunia, bitter sneezeweed, velvet bundleflower.
Distribution: The "Lost Pines" in Bastrop County and westward of the pine producing region of East Texas.

Photo of Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 4; links to large photo.

(42) Pine-Hardwood Forest, Subtype 4

Subtype 4: Longleaf Pine-Sandjack Oak

Commonly Associated Plants: Loblolly pine, shortleaf pine, blackjack oak, sand post oak, southern red oak, flowering dogwood, sweetgum, sassafras, American beautyberry, wax myrtle, yaupon, hawthorn, yellow jessamine, slender bluestem, broomsedge bluestem, little bluestem.
Distribution: Southeastern Pineywoods.