Visiting TFFC

Alligator Exhibit

Many people do not realize that alligators were once very common in Texas streams in the eastern third of the state and in South Texas. Protected by law since 1969, alligators have made a comeback. They are no longer considered endangered but are protected as game animals. Special permits are required to hunt, raise or possess alligators.

Alligators are carnivores (meat eaters) and will eat anything they can catch. The alligators in this exhibit are fed twice weekly during the warm season. They become inactive during cold weather. In winter you can always tell whether the air or the water is warmer in this exhibit by where the alligators are.

If you are here during the breeding season in spring, you may hear the alligators roaring. The males vibrate their abdomens, making the water over their backs dance in a very impressive display.

The alligators in this exhibit do lay eggs and attempt to nest, but they do not raise young here. Any baby alligators that you may see in this exhibit came from the wild.