Visiting TFFC

Farm Pond Exhibit

Please note: Visitors may not bring any freshwater organism such as fish, crayfish or aquatic insects, dead or alive, into TFFC. This is to protect our waters and fish. TFFC provides bait at no charge for the fishing ponds, and approved fish food is available in coin-operated dispensers.

Texas has thousands of farm ponds, which range in size from a quarter-acre to dozens of acres. Farm ponds are often stocked with fish to provide recreation and food. Channel catfish, sunfish (bluegills) and largemouth bass are probably the most commonly stocked fish. Farm ponds must be managed in order to prevent overpopulation.

Fish in small farm ponds usually need to be fed in order to survive and grow. A variety of pelleted food is available, and fish can be trained to take it quite easily, as the fish in this exhibit will show you.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department supplies fish only for stocking into public waters. It does not supply fish for stocking into farm ponds. A list of commercial hatcheries that sell fish for stocking private waters can be found on the Texas Aquaculture Association Web site.