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Pond Management

Caring for a pond involves much more than just putting some fish into water and letting nature take its course. Fish have the same basic needs as all other living creatures: room to live, food, oxygen and shelter (usually called cover when speaking of fish habitat). Pond management aims to provide all these needs in the amounts that will satisfy the fishes’ requirements.

The amount of water in a pond affects how many fish can live there. Some fish need more cover than others, and pond managers can provide that cover by placing brush piles, old tires or barrels in the water or by contouring the bottom and sides of the pond during construction. Some fish prefer to live in shallow water, while others like deep water. Some feed on live food, while others are scavengers.

Making sure that fish have enough oxygen can pose problems in small ponds, especially during hot weather. Agitating the water or spraying it into the air may be necessary to increase oxygen in the water.

Detailed information on pond management can be found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s private lake management page.