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Firearms and Ammunition Quiz

Important: You must print and take results of each quiz with you on the test date as proof of completion of this online course.

  1. The first step to becoming a responsible hunter is_________?
  2. After the firing pin strikes the primer of the ammunition igniting the powder and causing it to burn, what pushes the projectile down the barrel?
  3. The three basic parts of a modern firearm are_____?
  4. Firearms should be stored unloaded, lightly oiled in a locked location and separate from _____?
  5. The action of a firearm is made up of parts that____?
  6. Use only ammunition that exactly matches the caliber or gauge marked on the ____ of your firearm.
  7. A safety is located around the receiver of the firearm and ______.
  8. Knowing your firearm's range is critical because it allows you to _____.
  9. U.S. law requires non-toxic shot while hunting migratory waterfowl:
  10. When cleaning a firearm, the first step is to _____.