Chapter 10 - Texas Regulations

The next page is an "open book" assignment to help you become familiar with Texas hunting regulations. Our regulations are in a booklet called the Outdoor Annual. You receive this booklet when you buy a hunting or fishing license, or you may also find the regulations online.

The Outdoor Annual provides important information about requirements and restrictions for hunting and fishing. You will learn the dates associated with each species, the seasons each may be harvested and what you may legally harvest (bag and possession limits) while hunting or fishing. You will also learn what legal means and methods you may use, types of legal or prohibited equipment and hunter education or boater education requirements.

Each year, rules and regulations change, and you must be up-to-date on those changes. Always read the current Outdoor Annual to become familiar with changes that may affect you or the area you hunt or fish. An essential part of this publication is the list of regulations by county. Each county has very specific regulations regarding seasons and bag limits. Awareness of these changes will help make you a more responsible outdoors person. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations may result in citations with fines and/or loss of hunting privileges and/or equipment!

Please print the following page, and complete the questions using the information you find in the Outdoor Annual. You may take your completed quiz to your Skills Trail instructor.

Watch a video on Special Antler Restrictions.

Watch a video with reminders from Game Wardens on:

Dove Season

Waterfowl Season

Deer Season