Chapter 4 - Hunting Skills

Hunters inside duck blind

Hunting skills are learned over a lifetime. You can learn something new every time you go hunting, especially from good, experienced hunters. Seek out respected hunters for advice. Learn as much as you can about the animals you will be hunting and the ecosystems they inhabit. This will make you a better hunter and conservationist.


  • Select and secure a hunting site- get permission from the landowner, sign a lease agreement. If you will be hunting on public hunting areas in Texas, find out if you need any special licenses, registration deadlines or permits for that area.
  • If possible, visit and scout the site in the off-season.
  • Learn as much as you can about the game you are hunting and the tactics others have used to hunt it.
  • Sight-in your firearms and practice at the range.
  • Buy clothing and accessories that will allow you to adapt to changes in the weather; temperature and precipitation.
  • Buy your hunting license and all the extra stamp endorsements you will need. The Super Combo is the best deal. You should be given an Outdoor Annual when you purchase a license. Read the hunting regulations for any new changes and look up the County where you will be hunting for the specific laws that apply there.
  • Be sure to pack and carry while hunting: a valid license, picture identification, Hunter Education Certification card.

Write out a Hunting Plan that lists everybody on your hunt and their contact information, where you will be hunting and when you expect to return. Leave a copy with a relative or responsible adult. Plan your hunt and hunt your plan!

Download blank Hunting Plan (pdf)