Home Processing

processing deer meat at home cleaning dove meat at kitchen fawcet Vacuum sealing processed meat for storage

Once you are back home from your hunt, you can process the meat yourself. With venison, back straps can be portioned into smaller cuts. The hams can be boned and the butt and round roasts can be separated from smaller muscle groups. Trimmings can be ground for sausage and hamburger. Game birds should be finely cleaned before freezing, removing any feathers or traces of organs. Learn more about cleaning deer in this publication, Now That You’ve Killed It. and cleaning dove in Field to Freezer.

Watch a video on: How to Butcher a Venison Leg Quarter.

A vacuum sealer removes air from the package and creates an airtight seal for the freezer

game meat stored in freezer Closeup of freezer contents

Meat will keep for six to nine months in the freezer when sealed in airtight containers. Game birds can be frozen in plastic bags partially filled with water to reduce freezer burn.

Grilled wild game grilled dove

The hunt is really complete when you eat and enjoy your harvest.

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