Turkey Release
White-tailed deer
Release of mottled duck
China ducks
Boat Blind
Burnet Bay Camp
West Texas habitat
Alligator in swamp
Tricolored heron with fish
Nothern Cardinal, male
Javelinas drinking water
dove in nest
White-tailed deer doe and fawn in tall grass
Male Northern Cardinal in tree
aerial view of woods, land and water
Another aerial view of land, woods and water
aerial view of suburban housing neighborhood
Cul du sac from the air
large lot housing development
Aerial view of farmland
cotton field
Aerial view of road through pagricultural land
Large housing development from the air
deer in snow
Dired up lake bed
axis deer in front yard
Prescribed burn at Bastrop State Park
brush-clearing with backhoe
Helicopter herding cows to new pasture
Aldo Leopold
Courtesy: Aldo Leopold Foundation
Clearing brush with bulldozer
Clearing brush
Brush clearing with backhoe
Cowboys driving a herd of cattle
Rotational grazing of cattle
Hereford cow
tractor discing field
discing a field
close-up of discing
Prescribed burn
Controlled burn
Charred post-burn area
Hunter posing with harvested deer
Leg bands on Wild Turkey
Turkey release
Big Horn Sheep release
1950's photo of deer release at Engling WMA
TX Fish and Game truck in the 1950's
Biologist weighing wild turkey, 1950's
1950's biologist with Wild Turkey
TPWD staff capture Bighorn sheep for release
preparing bighorn sheep for helicopter ride
Releasing Desert Bighorn sheep
Texas bluebonnets
Lighthouse, Palo Duro Canyone State Park
JD Murphree WMA
Bald Cypress
Eco Regions Map
Road through pine forest
East Texas Pineywoods
East Texas Pine Forest
Map of Pineywoods
creek in pine forest
creek and falls in the Pineywoods
Caddo Lake
aerial shot of coastal wetlands
Texas Coastal Marsh
beach and dunes at Padre Island
Map of Gulf prairies and marshes
Egret in seagrass marsh
biolgists surveying prairie
Bent tree
Post oak savannah
oaks and grassland
Map of Post Oak Savanah region
Blackland Prairie
Prairie grasses
Map of Blackland Prairies
wooded area of Blackland Prairie
rows of milo
rows of milo
field of wildflowers
native prairie grasses
Rocky woodland
Crosstimbers map
Mesquite leaves
South Texas Plains
Typical South Texas landscape
Map of South Texas Plains
Grainite lined streambed
View of Hill Country State Natural Area
Hills of Bamberger Ranch Preserve
Map of the Edwards Plateau
Rolling Plains landscape
Plains wetland at Copper Breaks
Rolling Plains stream