Shooting rifle
Determining dominant eye
Determining Dominant Eye
dominant eye
Dominant Eye
dominant eye posture
Dominant Eye Posture
Dominant eye frame
Dominant Eye Frame
ASC sign
50 yd. sign
finger off trigger
Finger off trigger
finger on trigger
Finger on trigger
safety rules
shooters wearing ear protection.
placing gun into case
Gun in case
Gun in case
Rifle firing
Rifle Firing
Shooting range signs
25 yd sight
target with 25 yd group
target with 25 yard group average
Target with group average
sight adjustment locations on gun
Sight adjustment locations on gun
elevation adjustment
Elevation adjustment
windage adjustment
Windage adjustment
Adjusting Shots
First and second group shots
Adjusted shot groupings
Move to 100yds
Target Up
sighting in the rifle
Using a spotting scope
Shots centered at 100 yards
Shots centeres at 100 yards
1.5 inches high at 100 yards
1.5 inches high at 100 yards
Shooting range practice
Shooting practice
kneeling shooter aiming rifle
prone shooter aiming rifle
Shooter in prone position
Kneeling position
Shooter in kneeling position
Another kneeling position
sitting, feet apart position
Shooter in sitting position
sitting cross-legged postion
Shooter sitting cross-legged
sitting, knees high position
Shooter sitting, knees high
Standing position
Position 2
Shooter in standing position
Hasty sling position
Hasty Sling Position
Rifle held out with sling hanging
left arm through sling
left arm up behind sling
slip hand back over the sling and grasp forestock
shoulder the rifle
Sling at correct length
sling across chest
outside view of sling wrap
shooter using a bipod rifle support in prone position
Shooter using a bipod support, prone
shooter using a tree rest
Shooter using tree rest
closeup of tree rest
Closeup of tree rest
Gov. Perry taking aim with shotgun
Shotgun stance
Shotgun stance
shotgun stance - focus on feet
Shotgun stance - feet
cheek and shoulder positioning of shotgun
Cheek and shoulder position of shotgun
closeup of finger positioning on shotgun trigger
Closeup of finger position on shotgun
pointing index finger supporting shotgun
swing arc for wing shooting
Swing arc for wing shooting
Instucting youth in shotgun hunting
women with shotguns
men with shotguns
Shotgun practice range
Young shooter aiming at clays
shooter takes aim with shotgun as Gov. Perry looks on
High School students practice shooting shotguns
High school students practice shooting
student shooter aiming at clays
Student shooter aiming at clays
Youth shotgun shooting practice with instructor
Youth shotgun shooting practice with instructor
Youth at shotgun practice shooting range
Youth at shotgun practice shooting range
Firing station at shooting range
Sporting clays launcher
Sporting clays launcher
Shooter taking aim with shotgun
checking patterns on target
Turkey target pattern
aiming shotgun at paper target
aiming shotgun at paper target
eamining target
shotgun chokes
target with grouping