Introduction to Hunter Education Quiz

Important: You must print and take results of each quiz with you on the test date as proof of completion of this online course.

  1. Hunting has more accidental injuries than the following:
  2. Who established the first national parks, developed conservation programs and wildlife preserve programs?
  3. A primary objective of hunter education programs is to
  4. Hunter education is mandatory for certain age groups in less than half the states:
  5. Hunting regulations and hunter education are the two main reasons why hunting is a safe activity.
  6. In Texas, hunter education is mandatory for:
  7. All hunter education certificates are accepted in other states and provinces
  8. It is important to become certified in hunter education in Texas to
  9. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides federal aid to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to support a variety of hunting-related projects, including hunter education, through the
  10. _______is the most important ingredient in learning about hunting and hunting ethically.