Texas Regulations Quiz

Important: You must print and take results of each quiz with you on the test date as proof of completion of this online course.

  1. How much does a Resident "Super Combo" License Package cost?
  2. When must a tag or permit be handled after legally taking deer, turkey or pronghorn?
  3. You properly indicate the date and month on a deer or turkey tag by:
  4. A quartered carcass for a deer or pronghorn, is defined as:
  5. All hunting licenses/stamps issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife are valid during what license year?
  6. What valid license(s) and stamp(s) must a Texas migratory waterfowl hunter, age 16 or older have?
  7. You are hunting in Stephens County and the landowner will allow you to harvest only one buck, which buck with the following characteristics could you shoot?
  8. Legal shooting hours for all Texas game animals and non-migratory game birds is:
  9. What is the general deer season and bag limit for Live Oak County?
  10. Turkeys of which sex can be harvested in the spring season in Uvalde County?