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Chimney Swifts

The “flying cigar” silhouette of the Chimney Swift is a common sight all summer in Texas skies, but these protected birds need our help. See how one couple has dedicated their lives to saving the Chimney Swift at

The Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (GOSH)

Here's a great opportunity to explore Texas! The Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt runs April 16 - September 2, 2019. Check out our categories, tag your pictures #GOSHTx and you could be featured in Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine. Details at

Azra visits Guadalupe River State Park

Young park visitor, Azra Damirov, conducts an on-camera review of Guadalupe River State Park. She and her family plan to visit all the state parks. Here's a snippet of her video.

Texas National Archery Tournament 2019

A record number of students are competing in the 14th annual Texas-National Archery in Schools Tournament. Find out how to bring archery to your school at

PBS SHOW April 7-13, 2019, #2726

Program 2726. Air dates April 7-13, 2019 & October 6-12, 2019 Kraken Diving, Paddling Trails & Muzzle Control Back to the Kraken In early 2017, Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program created a new underwater oasis for fish and fishermen with a 371-foot cargo ship called The Kraken. Just months after sending the Kraken to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, biologists return to investigate one of the Texas Gulf Coast’s largest artificial reefs. Paddling Texas There are new paddling trails popping up all over Texas. Grab your canoe and come along as we check out some of the state’s best river trips, on the coast, in Houston, and on the Guadalupe River. All you need is a paddle and an excuse to get wet. Skill Builders: Safe Muzzle Control Firearm safety requires you to know where the muzzle is pointed at all times. Follow these basic safety rules for a safe, fun, enjoyable hunting trip. Lake Arrowhead State Park Close to the Red River in both location and hue, this North Texas park offers family fun and fine fishing. Postcard From Texas The South Texas brush is full of wildlife, if you just add water. See what's hanging around at the Laborcitas Creek Ranch. Find out more about the show at