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Heat Hacks for Day Hikes

Heat-related rescues are on this rise this summer! Make sure you have the essentials before you hit the trail. What are some of your must-haves during a hike?

The Ecosystem Functions of Wildlife

Golf courses, cemeteries, creeks, parks and greenbelts provide habitat for wildlife. Owls, hawks, songbirds, lizards and bobcats are part of a functional ecosystem that only exists in those urban areas. TPWD Urban Wildlife Program: This is a Passport to Texas video: More Passport to Texas videos:

Win a Waterfowl Adventure!

Enter our Big Time Texas Hunts to win one of 10 premium hunt packages, including waterfowl adventures on some of the best hunting lands in Texas. Enter at Proceeds support wildlife conservation, habitat management, and public hunting.

Alligator Gar Myths & Misconceptions - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Alligator gar are often misunderstood and in the past they have gotten an unfounded bad rap. Here are the facts: these fish are native to Texas, they are no threat to humans, they do not harm native game fish populations, and they reproduce infrequently - only a few times each decade in most Texas rivers. #GARWEEK

Pro Anglers Want You to Protect Texas Lakes - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Professional anglers know the threat that invasive species pose to Texas lakes, and they want you to do your part to stop them. Find out how at