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Archery is a Sport for all Abilities

Participation in archery helps kids develop various skills. The National Archery in the Schools Program introduces students to the sport. What makes this sport and program special is that anyone of any ability can be successful. Related information on the TPWD Website: This is a Passport to Texas video. See more Passport to Texas videos:

Sea Turtles Rescued - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Coastal staff and partners rescue cold-stunned sea turtles along the Texas coast. Like all reptiles, sea turtles can't regulate their body temperature. When water temps drop rapidly, sea turtles in inshore waters may not have enough time to swim into deeper, warmer waters.

Giant salvinia survey on Caddo Lake

Survey of Caddo Lake September 2017. Giant salvinia is a highly invasive, free-floating aquatic plant that forms dense mats on the water's surface causing environmental and economic damage. Learn more at

First Day Hikes Fun

Start your New Year on a healthy note with a First Day Hike (or paddle or stroll) at a Texas State Park. Find an event near you at

Postcard From Texas: Alamito Creek

Located in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas, where dry is the norm, Alamito Creek stands out as a tiny oasis. With sound!