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The Texas Master Naturalists

Twenty years, 48 chapters, 12,000 trained volunteers, 4.4 million hours of service - these numbers cannot begin to express the impact that the Texas Master Naturalist Program has made on the natural resources and citizens of Texas. In the words of Carter Smith, Executive Director of TPWD: “Their talents are many, their time is a godsend, and, if they were an army, they would be a formidable one.” This extremely passionate group of stewards, educators, and conservationists goes above and beyond to protect and restore the wild places and wild things in their communities. Hear their story and see what makes Texas Master Naturalist Volunteers a force to be reckoned with! Music Credit: "Wash Away" by Scott Holmes; "Postcards" by Scott Holmes; "A Wee Tipple" by Scott Holmes; "Hopeful Journey" by Scott Holmes; "Filaments" by Poddington Bear; "Adventure" by Ben Sound; "Shimmer" by Scott Holmes

Guadalupe Bass Success - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Found only in Texas, the Guadalupe Bass nearly got outnumbered by non-native fish. Here’s how helping this species is about more than just a fish: #SpeakOut4Wildlife

Cool Quail Facts 2018

Texas has four species of quail. The most popular is the bobwhite quail known for its call. Its numbers have been in decline for the past 25 years but now folks are helping out.

PBS SHOW - Natural Connection, Room to Roam, Pocket Prairies, #2705

Program 2705. Air dates November 11-17, 2018 & May 12-18, 2019 Natural Connection, Room to Roam & Pocket Prairies A Natural Connection From the brush country of South Texas to the mountains of West Texas, two women have outdoor pursuits as different as the landscapes. These two mothers, one a hunter, and the other a hiker, meet and share their interests, growing a friendship and deepening their appreciation of the outdoors. Lone Star Land Steward: Billingsley Ranch The ultimate resource management goal of this ranch in far West Texas is to promote, restore, and maintain native natural resources and provide ample habitat for native wildlife species. Ranch operator Stuart Sasser has been a proponent of pronghorn restoration efforts, and through fencing modifications has effectively defragmented the prairie system on the property for the benefit of antelope. Urban Pocket Prairies Urbanization has reduced the once 600,000 acre Katy Prairie near Houston, Texas to just 200,000 acres affecting many species of wildlife. Now the Katy Prairie Conservancy has partnered with nearly a dozen schools to create pocket prairies. These small urban prairies are helping wildlife as well as children to become healthier, happier and smarter. Postcard From Texas The Mission Reach Paddling Trail is a great place to get outside and get some exercise very near to downtown San Antonio. You can float on the San Antonio River, ride a bike along the paved trails, or just watch for some wildlife.

PBS SHOW - Spicewood Ranch, ADA Hunt Help, East Texas Woods, #2704

Program 2704. Air dates November 4-10, 2018 & May 5-11, 2019 Spicewood Ranch, ADA Hunt Help & East Texas Woods Lone Star Land Steward: Spicewood Ranch By acquiring land, resting it from grazing, and reducing deer numbers, the Harte family began to restore their Hill Country ranch. Through years of prescribed burns, native plant seeding efforts, and patience, their Spicewood Ranch is now a living library of plant diversity. A Place for All Most hunting blinds are not designed for people with disabilities. Inks Lake State Park northwest of Austin has tackled that problem by building special hunting blinds that are accessible for people with physical limitations. The Climate Detective What can old Texas trees teach us about our climate? One researcher is finding out. Follow him as he taps the secrets of the trees and learns the warnings they may hold for water planners. Lizards on the Move For generations, Texans grew up seeing Texas Horned Lizards throughout much of the state. Today the threatened lizards are common only in certain spots, but research at the Muse Wildlife Management Area is investigating how lizards fare and where they go when they are relocated to restored habitat. Postcard From Texas Enjoy a few moments of natural sights and sounds in the East Texas woods.