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Non-Gulf shrimp bait can devastate native shrimp, crab and crayfish

Imported bait can devastate! When used as bait, imported shrimp safe for human consumption can carry a virus—even when frozen—that can wipe out native shrimp, crab and crayfish. Learn more at

All about Burrowing Owls - Tips from a Wildlife Biologist

Burrowing owls are small, ground-nesting owls that make their home in West Texas. Unfortunately, these rare little birds are declining in numbers. Learn about their ecology and how you can help protect burrowing owls in your area. For more information, visit:

Report your Alligator Gar harvest - mandatory in Texas

All alligator gar harvested from Texas public waters other than Falcon International Reservoir must be reported within 24 hours to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department via mobile app or online. Report using the “My Texas Hunt Harvest” mobile app (iOS and Android) or report online at With exceptions on Falcon Lake and Trinity River, statewide daily bag limit is 1 fish of any size. No bag limits on other species of gar. More info on special restrictions and reporting at

Wildlife in the City - Tips from a Wildlife Biologist

When we think of cities, we often imagine lots of concrete, traffic, and very little nature. But our skies are full of wildlife species that have adapted to living in cities and they're doing quite well. With a little help from us, wildlife can thrive and provide numberous benefits for us too! To learn more about urban wildlife and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Urban Wildlife Program, visit:

Banding Doves in Texas - Tips from a Wildlife Biologist

Ever wonder why we band doves? To help conserve them of course! These tiny bands help biologists develop better management practices to ensure that doves will be around for future Texans too. For more info, visit: