Field Notes

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Whassup with Fly Fishing

Fly Fish Texas takes place each March at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. Learn what attracts people to fly fishing and what the rewards are.

TTBC 2012 Recap

Here's an overview of the 2012 Toyota Texas Bass Classic held at Lake Conroe Sept. 28--30.

Friends of Reservoirs

Professional angler Alton Jones describes how joining Friends of Reservoirs, a national non-profit organization, can benefit local groups wishing to improve fishing and water quality in reservoirs in their area.

Coastal Expo Promo

The Rio Grande Valley Coastal Expo each year in Edinburg attracts hundreds of local elementary school students to learn more about area wildlife, the oceans, and how to protect them.

Neil Pugliese, Hatchery Biologist

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department fisheries biologist Neil Pugliese describes what his job is like. The process of spawning fish in a freshwater hatchery is detailed.

Big Bass

The new big bass exhibit at TFFC gives visitors the chance to see a huge largemouth bass (almost 13 pounds) from just inches away as it hangs out and occasionally has a snack.

Dijar on DNA

TPWD geneticist Dijar Lutz-Carrillo tells about the process of determining the parentage of the new Lake Naconiche largemouth bass.

Hybrid Stocking 2013

TPWD stocks hybrid striped bass in reservoirs with habitat better suited to open-water predatory species than to largemouth bass. This video explains why hybrid stripers are stocked where they are and lists the reservoirs that were stocked with hybrids in 2013.

Mussel Rescue

Freshwater mussels are finally getting some of the respect they deserve. Mussels clean the water in our rivers, remove pollutants, and help anchor the streambed in place during flood events. Mussels and some species of fish share a life cycle; both depend on having good quality habitat in order to survive. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department worked with the Texas Department of Transportation in a project on the San Saba River to study how best to protect mussels during bridge construction.

ShareLunker Care

This video gives a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to a ShareLunker from the time it is picked up from the angler until it is returned to the lake.