Boats and Dogs

Hunting in Boats

Hunting in boats can offer access to prime hunting areas, however, floating on water and changes in the weather mean extra safety measures. Always leave a hunting plan with family and friends with details of where you will be hunting, when you plan to arrive and return.

hunters in boat wearing PFD's sloe-up of hunter wearing PFD

Wear approved life jackets when underway and when stopped and hunting.

 hunters in boat with guns in cases

Transport firearms the same as in any other vehicle; completely unloaded and cased with ammunition stored separately.

Hunters sitting towards back of boat

For the best and safest zones-of-fire in a boat, sit back to back.

Hunting Safely with Dogs

hunters with dog

Dogs can add a wonderful dimension to hunting but you need to pay special attention them.

hunters in field with dog hunter with dog pointing

Think of a dog as another hunter and show them the same respect and safe control of your muzzle. Never shoot directly over them, and never shoot below head level of any hunter in case the dog jumps up after a flushing bird.

 hunting dog with hunter and guns

A dog’s movement and actions can be unpredictable, even on a leash. Hold your firearm or stow unloaded in a case when around dogs.