Transporting Firearms

Transporting firearms

Whenever you transport a firearm, it should always be unloaded and secured in a case. Never transport a firearm displayed in a window gun rack. This is an invitation to thieves.

Gun case ammo box

Transporting in the Field

When hunting in the field, do not carry loaded firearms in or on vehicles. Always transport firearms unloaded and cased. If you can, remove the bolt and the magazine. Hard cases provide the most protection, especially to rifles with scopes. Ammunition should also be stored separately.


Transporting Firearms on ATV’s

Hunters with ATV secured firearm on ATV

Many hunters use all-terrain vehicles to access remote hunting areas and help move their equipment. Here, too, firearms should be transported unloaded and in their cases.

cased shotguns putting gun in case

When hunting, often you will be moving to a location, such as a blind, in darkness. Keep the firearms unloaded and cased until you arrive and are prepared to hunt so your firearms stay clean, protected and safe.

loading the firearm

Once you have arrived at your hunting location, you can load your firearm. Knowing how to safely load and unload your firearm is one of the fundamental skills for safe hunters. The muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction with the safety placed in the on position.