Saltwater Fisheries Articles

Coastal ecosystems are not fully understood even by those who spend their lives working to manage them as scientifically and objectively as possible. Generally, the public may know even less and that is a dilemma for everyone. The short reports referenced here were originally prepared for newspapers, magazines or newsletters and generally contain specific information related to marine fisheries and/or habitat restoration and management.

Special Interest

Articles that are particularly topical and timely encourage and assist users of the marine environment to be more involved. Of special interest currently are the rationale for recommending regional management rules in the Lower Laguna Madre.

Conserving Marine Species/Fishing

Understanding the life cycle, vulnerabilities, and importance of species along the coast is good for everyone – biologists, managers, anglers, politicians and citizens of Texas. The following short reports are about a few of the species you may see on a trip to the coast.

Principles of Ecosystem-based Management

How can TPWD or anyone "manage" something like the coastal environment of Texas since so much of the important components are not under anyone's control (think weather!)? Of course, we can't – but we can try to know as much as possible about everything that is important to the coastal environment and work within what we know. Some types of this crucial information are in the articles below.

Collecting Data/Giving Information

The difference between scientifically based opinions and pure guesswork boils down to a lot of work. Data is the key and it doesn't come easily from the coastal environment. Even after it is collected from fishing surveys (creels)or resource sampling (e.g., gill nets) it still has to be consolidated and analyzed. Only then can it be transformed into information and be used to help make good resource decisions. The following articles briefly touch on some ways we work to come up with information.

Giving Back to Coastal Ecosystems

The following topics give some idea of how people volunteer their time and expertise to give back to the Coastal environment.


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