An Analysis of Texas Waterways

A Report on the Physical Characteristics of Rivers, Streams, and Bayous in Texas

Location Map

Map of Texas Showing Named Rivers by Number; Listing of Rivers by Number follows below the map.

Map of Texas Showing Rivers by Number
Listing of Rivers is Included Below

Major East Texas Waterways

  1. Angelina River
  2. Attoyac Bayou
  3. Big Cypress Bayou
  4. Neches River
  5. Pine Island Bayou
  6. Red River
  7. Sabine River
  8. San Jacinto River, West Fork
  9. Sulphur River
  10. Trinity River, Elm Fork
  11. Trinity River
  12. Village Creek

Major Central Texas Waterways

  1. Blanco River
  2. Bosque River
  3. Brazos River
  4. Colorado River
  5. Concho River
  6. Frio River
  7. Guadalupe River
  8. Lampasas River
  9. Lavaca River
  10. Leon River
  11. Little River
  12. Llano River
  13. Medina River
  14. Navidad River
  15. Nueces River
  16. Paluxy River
  17. Pedernales River
  18. San Antonio River
  19. San Bernard River
  20. San Gabriel River
  21. San Marcos River
  22. San Saba River
  23. Wichita River

West Texas Waterways

  1. Devils River
  2. Pecos River
  3. Rio Grande

Map Key

The following is a key to the symbols used in mapping the waterways of Texas:
Item Number Item Symbol Item Definition
1 Item #1:  River River
2 Item #2:  Major Rapids or Falls Major Rapids or Falls
3 Item #3:  Dam Dam
4 Item #4:  Private Camp Private Camp (Fishing or Camping)
5 Item #5: Distance Between Points (River) in Miles Distance Between Points (River) in Miles
6 Item #6: Distance Between Points (Road) in Miles Distance Between Points (Road) in Miles
7 Item #7: Interstate Highway (IH) Interstate Highway (IH)
8 Item #8:  US Highway (US) US Highway (US)
9 Item #9:  State Highway (SH) State Highway (SH)
10 Item #10:  Farm-to-Market, Ranch Road or Farm Road (FM) Farm-to-Market, Ranch Road or Farm Road (FM)
11 Item #11:  Paved County Road Paved County Road
12 Item #12:  Dirt or Gravel Road Dirt or Gravel Road
13 Item #13:  Town Town
14 Item #14:  City City
15 Item #15:  Publicly Administered Area Publicly Administered Area
16 Item #16:  To the Nearest City or Highway To the Nearest City or Highway
17 Item #17:  Outstanding Landmark Outstanding Landmark

In the associated maps, the waterways and other points of interest are indicated in blue, [gray], while roads, towns, cities, publicly administered areas, and associated points are indicated in black. As a matter of examination, rapids are pinpointed as closely as possible to their exact locations. All rapids are not shown, but only those which have been found or reported to be hazardous or which have some potential for being dangerous. Only roads which lead to public points of access are recorded on the maps. The section of rivers shown are deemed best for recreational use.

Also analyzed were other maps which prove helpful in locating waterways, points of public access, and outstanding landmarks; such as, County Highway Maps published by the Texas Highway Department, and Topographic Maps published by the United States Geological Survey.

Texas rivers are often shallow and it is necessary for recreationists utilizing publicly owned waterways for recreational use to portage over or line through shallow areas. The term "lining" refers to the method of working a boat downstream by the use of ropes from the shore. It was found that caution must be exercised where there appears to be any doubt concerning public land ownership in order to avoid trespass when lining boats through obstacles or portaging over them.

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